Public Safety/Incident Command
Mobile Medical Imaging

About Us

Advanced Systems Services, Inc.

Providing scheduled maintenance, repairs, and fabrication for physical plants, mobile specialty vehicles and trailers. Onsite or at our 3 acre facility. Since 1990.

Primary Markets

  • Facilities
    • hospitals, scientific, manufacturing
  • Public Safety/Incident Command
    • law enforcement, fire service, utilities, non-profits
  • Production/Broadcast
    • electronic news gathering (ENG), satellite news gathering (SNG), and production video
  • Mobile Medical Imaging
    • MRI, PET/CT and CT


  • Structural Layout and Design
  • Environmental Systems
    • HVAC, chillers
  • Mechanical Systems
    • telescoping masts, slide-outs, stairs, lifts, leveling
  • Power
    • generators, UPS/battery, solar
  • Wiring
    • lighting, 12V, 110V, data networking
  • Communications
    • radio, LTE 3/4G, microwave, satellite, video
  • Imaging
    • body paint, graphics, wraps

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